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looking for instructions...

Newbie & First time request...

I'm not exactly sure what it's called... (which is why I'm having a hard time googling it)
I'm looking for instructions for doing paper embroidery on pierced CDs
there's a couple of pics & basic description of what I'm looking for here:


I've been collecting mailer CDs just for this purpose (free ISP disks that you get in the mail), and now that I've got enough saved up to give this a go, I can't find instructions on what it's called or how to do it... (for instance patterns, drilling the holes, type of drill bit, how to brace/steady the CD, type of thread, how to finish back... etc etc)

I'm figuring with all you craft people I'm bound to find someone who knows what it's called & where to find the instructions...
(crossposted in the hopes that someone will be able to help)

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