Carrie-Ellen (crafty_in_nh) wrote in craftypagans,

Special Offers from Starfire's Creations

My name is Carrie (aka Starfire), owner of Starfire's Creations. I make quality natural bath and body care products and sell them at affordable prices. Everything I offer is handmade by me, with the best of care and ingredients.

Aside from my store web site, I also make exclusive offers for my mailing list subscribers only... but decided to extend these offers to fellow LiveJournal members this month. You can read about the offers here:

I try to keep my costs as low as possible for my customers, and free gifts are always included with orders. Among the gifts this month is a handmade air freshener, and I am also offering a jam-packed gift pack for $.01 with a minimum purchase of $30 or more (the item must be added to your cart for you to recieve it)!!!! This gift pack is a $30 value alone, and includes some wonderful products.

Mailing list offers change every two weeks, and always include unique items and fragrances. I also welcome custom order requests! :)

Thanks for looking!

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